What do I need to get started?

To get started, you will need a sign-in name and password. Sign-in names and passwords are necessary so that student activity can be stored in a central database. Teachers and school administrators can review student and class progress through reports in the administrative sections of the FCAT Explorer. If you are a teacher or school official, please read the appropriate section below. For students and parents, review the "For Students" section below.

For Teachers & School Officials

The Florida Department of Education has provided information about the FCAT Explorer to your District Superintendent's office. Each school district office has an FCAT Explorer District Administrator. The District Administrator provides schools in their district with information about the FCAT Explorer, along with sign-in information. The District Administrator may elect to provide teachers and other school staff with FCAT Explorer training.

At the beginning of the school year, the Florida Department of Education sends sign-in information to each public school in the state of Florida. This information includes a School Administrator sign-in name and password. The School Administrator for each school will create and distribute sign-in names and passwords for teachers. Teachers will then have access to the FCAT Explorer Teacher's Desk, where they can enroll students in the FCAT Explorer program.

For Students

Once your school has started using the FCAT Explorer, your teacher will give you your own sign-in name and password. Your teacher will also talk to you about how and when your class will be working with the FCAT Explorer.